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Fri, 15th November 2019, 3:41pm

Welcome to Worshipful Brother Paul Ellis, who was installed by his predecessor, W.Bro. Frank Lake on Saturday 9th November 2019.
2020 is going to be an interesting year!

Peter Hesketh-Roberts

Fri, 25th May 2018, 11:40pm (Thu, 1st January 1970, 1:00am UTC-424247)

News item:
Emergency meeting of the Lodge to be held on Saturday 9th June 2018 at 5:00pm

Peter Hesketh-Roberts

Mon, 19th June 2017, 1:53am (Sun, 18th June 2017, 5:53pm UTC-8)

My father, C.A.V. Portsmouth and my uncle, C.R.L. Portsmouth were both Old Symondiams. Grandpa, A.W. Portsmouth being Master at Caer Gwent and Local Economy and Old Symondian

(I have now been a citizen of Canada for over 50 years much of my childhood being at 76 Parchment Street - now torn down - across the road from the old Masonic lodge!)

Pat Portsmouth

Thu, 12th January 2017, 1:25pm

Could we please have some references to the newly formed Winchester Lodge of Instruction?
This meets every second Thursday of every month, meeting in the Winchester Masonic Centre at 7:00pm.

Peter Hesketh-Roberts

Sun, 20th March 2016, 2:02pm

As a regular visitor to Old Symondian Lodge I thought to visit your site to see how it is done.

It is superb.

No doubt Brian D will invite me to this year's installation meeting and I'll come.

W Bro Gerard Cavalier