The Old Symondian Lodge was founded in 1938 for the staff and former pupils of Peter Symonds School. When the School was replaced by Peter Symonds VI Form College the Lodge was opened to all who wished to apply for membership.

In 2013 the Old Symondian Lodge celebrated its 75th Anniversary.

Extracted from the minutes of the meeting held on Saturday 13th December 1952, W.Bro. P.T. Freeman, M.B.E, P.A.G.B.C. asked the permission of the Worshipful Master to present a banner to the Lodge. The Lodge was now fourteen years old, and for many years he had wanted the Lodge to have a banner, but had found the cost to be prohibitive.

Bro. W.J. Price. Tyler, had suggested they make one, and W.Bro. Freeman was glad to say that every bit of the work had been carried out by Brethren of the Lodge or by other Brethren connected with the School. Bro. W.J. Price had obtained all the silk and other materials. W.Bro. A.B. Renton had designed the banner and had drawn the outline on the silk. Bro. S. Blake had embroidered the design and had arranged the cords and tassels, while Bro. Phillimore (of the School Staff and the Lodge of Economy No.76) had made the bar and trefoils from which the banner was suspended.

It was thus all Symondian work and he felt sure that that would be a matter of satisfaction to the Brethren.

W.Bro. Freeman then unveiled the banner and asked the Wor. Master to accept it on behalf of the Lodge as on expression of his love.

Bro. The Rev.D J.H. Still, Chaplain of the Lodge of Economy, No 76 (The Mother Lodge) Dedicated, with appropriate and solemn prayer. Note:- W.Bro. P.T. Freeman was the first Master of The Old Symondian Lodge No.5734 and appears in the Federation of School Lodges history as one of the Officers of the Management Committee elected at the Inaugural meeting held on the 4th October 1947.